Kennel Cough

Infectious Bronchitis – otherwise known as ‘Kennel Cough’, is a very contagious disease of the respiratory system, which affects dogs of all ages. The disease is caused by a mixture of viruses and bacteria, which pass easily from dog to dog as a droplet infection, wherever dogs congregate – in boarding kennels, dog shows, training classes, or simply out on walks.

Affected dogs typically develop a very harsh, dry, hacking cough. The cough can be so severe, that it often sounds as if the dog is choking! At the same time, the dog may run a temperature, go off his or her food, and become quite lethargic – similar symptoms to human ‘flu’. In immuno-compromised animals, kennel cough can sometimes be fatal.

Your dog can receive a vaccination for Kennel Cough from your Vets and this is strongly advised for your dogs’ protection.  However the Kennel Cough vaccine only protects the dog against ONE of the known bacteria, Bordetella bronchiseptica, not the approx 9 other bacteria and viruses that can cause infectious bronchitis.  Bordetella bronchiseptica is however the most common and most severe; as such the Kennel Cough vaccine is required for all dogs staying in our home!



  1. Kennel Cough is NOT present in our home.  (unless we advise you otherwise - which we will ALWAYS do if we are aware).
  2. Kennel Cough can be brought in by ANY guest dog using our services. (even vaccinated dogs can carry Kennel Cough)
  3. A dog can carry the Kennel Cough virus/bacteria for up to 10 days before it shows any symptons.
  4. If a dog is not showing symtpons, we do not know it is carrying Kennel Cough.
  5. Your dog can contract Kennel Cough EVEN IF it has had the Kennel Cough Vaccination.
  6. For the benefit of all our customers you have a duty to inform us if your dog is diagnosed with Kennel Cough after a stay with us.  We will also inform you if we believer your dog has been in contact with another dog diagnosed with Kennel Cough.
  7. We use tailored cleaners to maintain appropritae hygiene levels each day in our home to prevent the development & spread of any infection.  We aslo ensure appropriate heating & ventilation.
  8. There are numerous steps YOU can take to ensure your dog is fit and healthy, thereby reducing the chances your dog may contract an ifnection - ask your vet for advice!