Dog Boarding In Kirkby

dog boarding kirkby 1 300x200Dog boarding is in demand all year round, with summer months being the most popular for people to head away on holiday. However, there could be many reasons as to why you want to put your dog into dog boarding in Kirkby. You could be away on business for a few days, with no way to take your beloved best friend with you. Alternatively, you could be looking forward to a night out with friends, but don’t want to leave your dog home alone. Our dog boarding in Kirkby can provide you with a number of different services to ensure that all of your requirements are covered at all times. Whether you’re in need of an overnight stay for your pup, or you’re heading on holiday for a number of weeks, you can be certain that your dog will be left in the safest of hands with Dog Tales.

Expert Dog Boarding Services In Kirkby

dog boarding kirkby 2 300x169We understand the importance of a professional and caring service when it comes to your dog’s care, and our dog boarding in Kirkby services can provide you with just that. We operate an interactive and social environment with our dog boarding services to ensure that your pup feels completely at home; although they will need to get on with other dogs as a result.

We combine a playful and enjoyable atmosphere, with one that operates under a routine, to ensure that all dogs in our care are getting the right amount of attention, dog walking in Kirkby and dietary requirements to suit their needs. Our dog boarding in Kirkby is a great alternative to keeping your dog in a kennel, as they will have much more time for interaction with other dogs, and exercise. The entire team here at Dog Tales are dog lovers, so you can be certain that your dog will be cared for appropriately with love and attention.

If you’re looking to go away during peak holiday times, then make sure to book your dog boarding as far in advance as possible, as we are currently only able to cater for 3 boarders at one time. To find out more about the services that we provide, contact us today.